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Engine Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics in XFOCUSAREA1X

Some drivers approach the "check engine" light like a lottery where the odds are always against your having a small car problem. But ignoring any warning light can turn into an engine diagnostic a self-fulfilling prophecy over time.

Don't be afraid. Come to All Tune & Lube, and find out for sure what's wrong with your vehicle.

Sometimes a problem is as simple as a loose gas cap. Other times, it might be something a little bigger but not too bad in the scheme of things. Either way, we can give you a quick vehicle diagnostic service, so you can stop guessing and start planning your next move.

We serve Canton and the surrounding areas of Akron, OH, Cleveland, OH, North Canton OH, Massillon OH, Waco OH, Meyers Lake OH, Plain OH, Fairhope OH, and Louisville OH.

What's Wrong with My Car?

Stop over at All Tune & Lube, and we'll help you find out what's going on inside your vehicle. When the "check engine" light comes on, we know many drivers like to panic. Instead of thinking "maybe I put my gas cap on wrong," your first thought might be more along the line of "My 2015 car is dying and I'm going to need a replacement engine." Relax. We'll make sure your experience is as peaceful and stress-free as possible.

You'll be just fine. So if you're experiencing a problem that you'd like us to inspect, come over during business hours and we'll help you out with an engine diagnostic or dashboard warning diagnostic. Even if no light has come on but you suspect trouble, you can have our team take a look.

About Engine Diagnostics

Every modern vehicle is equipped with an on-board computer system that monitors the vehicle for problems. If something isn't performing right, the computer alerts you via a dashboard warning light. While most warnings are straightforward, like "change oil" or a small oil icon, the "check engine" light can be caused by a number of components.

Using special vehicle diagnostic equipment, our team is able to "talk" to your car. With our device, we plug into your vehicle and retrieve the a particular warning code that identifies what's wrong with your car. We can then check the problem out ourselves to confirm that your computer is monitoring correctly.

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